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The 1882 Census of Arizona Territory was a special census conducted in that year due to the creation of the new counties of Cochise, Graham, and Gila in 1881.  The census was conducted for the new counties as well as those parent counties from which they were formed, which included Apache, Maricopa, Pinal, and Pima.  The 1882 Census of Arizona Territory is unlike the federal census in that the information it contains is very brief.  It only gives the name of the individual, the age, and place of nativity.

The 1882 Census Index of Tombstone Arizona Territory is a compiled and alphabetized index of those individuals who lived in Tombstone Arizona Territory in 1882.  The index contains some 5300 names of those individuals who lived there as of July 1882.  The original census sheets for Tombstone consisted of 265 pages of names, with 20 names per sheet.  Due to the magnitude of the number of pages it would not be feasible, nor would it be cost effective, to include copies of the original sheets in this volume.  I have included a copy of a sample sheet to depict how the originals appeared in their original handwriting.

The 1882 Census Index of Tombstone Arizona Territory should provide an invaluable tool for historic and genealogical researchers as well as those who are curious about who lived there.  A researcher can now look in the alphabetized listing to find anyone they are interested in, instead of having to “hand search” the original copies.  Also included in the index is the page number of the original sheet on which the individual can be found.

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